Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do to keep Auk going?

You only need to refill water and refill the nutrient capsules.


The nutrient capsules can easily be refilled with the refill bottles. The refill bottles cost €29 and last for at least 6 months. Exactly how long they last depends on how fast your plants grow – the faster they grow, the more nutrients they use!


One harvest typically lasts 4-10 months, depending on what you grow. When you start a new harvest, you can dry and reuse the old coconut coir, but we recommend using new coconut soil to ensure the right pH and oxygen supply.


New coco soil costs only €15. You can also get a refill package with both coconut soil and nutrients refills for €34.


With new coco soil in the pots, you can plant seeds, use cuttings, or transplant store-bought herbs - we recommend experimenting and trying different growing methods! Learn more about starting a new harvest here.


What can I grow in Auk?


Almost anything that sprouts and grows!


The plants that work best are those that physically fit in the Auk. Large plants that grow beyond the tray are often a bit impractical to grow, so for plants like tomatoes and chili, the dwarf varieties we sell here in the online store are best suited.


You can also use your own seeds or plant cuttings. You can buy seeds we’ve tested and approved here in the online store. You can also transplant store-bought herbs. Learn more here:


We recommend experimenting, that's part of the fun with Auk!


When can I harvest?


In Auk, plants grow up to 5 times faster than regular gardening, and are ready for harvest after 4-6 weeks. 


Growth speed is very dependent on room temperature – the warmer the better (but keep it preferably under 28 degrees).


With most plants, you can harvest for months on end, some can even live for several years! It's best to harvest little by little, so new leaves get exposed to the light and grow out. 


See for more information and videos on how to harvest.


Why does Auk use coco soil?

Auk uses coco soil (more precisely grounded coconut shells also know as coco coir) that provide the roots with optimal oxygen and act as a PH buffer, which in turn provides good growth conditions!


The coco soil is free of nutrients, as Auk itself controls how much nutrients are dispensed.


In addition, the coco soil is made from leftovers from coconut production, making it environmentally friendly as well.


How much electricity does Auk use?

Auk only uses around 9W on average (25W when the light is on, less than 1W when the light is off).

Depending on where in the country you live, it should cost you 0.5€ a month.
As Auk's light is using LED over traditional high-wattage HPS (High-pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps, this means that by comparison, the average lightbulb uses up to 4 times as much power as an Auk!


What does the nutrition contain?

The nutrients are carefully refined minerals, making up all of the 14 basic elements that plants need to grow (and flourish!).


The nutrition is 100% free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


Auk has 3 nutrient capsules that contain different combinations of the minerals. The nutrients in the various capsules are then mixed together based on what you grow and how far along the plants are in their growth cycle.


What is the plant chip?

The plant program is a piece of software installed on the plant chip. The chip informs Auk what type of conditions – nutrients, light and water cycle – the different plants need. 


For example, if you grow tomatoes, the tomato program will tell the Auk that your tomatoes need phosphoric nutrients and warm light as this promotes blooming (so you get a lot of tomatoes). On the opposite side, the herbs & salad program, informs the Auk to hold back phosphor and give a whiter light, so the herbs grow longer.


The starter kit comes with a plant program for green plants (lettuce, herbs, etc.), you can get the plant chip for chili- and tomato here in our online shop.  


How is my order shipped?

All products are shipped from our European warehouse with DHL. The products are made within Europe (using as much local raw material as possible), so all VAT and taxes are included. 


As soon as the package is sent, you will receive information about tracking and estimated delivery time. You can also choose where and when to receive the package with DHL's flexible home delivery.


If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us at :)


Returns and warranty

You can try out Auk for a full 100 days after receiving your unit. That way you get a chance to taste your first harvest!


If you’re not satisfied, you can ship it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked. Over the past year, less than 0.5% have returned their order.


Dimensions & tech specs

Length 56 cm
Width 29 cm
Height 35 cm (50 cm with the long plant light rods)
Power Supply 1,8m cable (extension cable will be available in the store)
General Info
Weight Around 3kg
Water tank 3.8 liters, refilled every second week
Light Custom LED with 3 different color spectrums
Power Supply 24W
Power Consumption Around 100Wh per day
Baseplate & pots Biocomposite plastic
Plant light Aluminum
Plant light rods Pine or walnut