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This is Auk.


The automated homegrower that makes it easy for you to grow indoors, all year round.

Auk will automatically give your plants the right amount of light, water and nutrition, while you do other things.


No experience in gardening needed. Let Auk become your green thumb in one, two, three.


Tech specs

Dimensions, weight and power

Height: 33cm. Width: 57cm. Depth: 32cm. Weight: about 2kg. Power consumption: 48W maximum.

Auk is designed to fit most shelves and cabinets so you can easily place Auk where it suits you best.

Auk Wireframe techspec.png

Go on vacation without a worry

Auk makes it possible for you to go on vacation without coming home to dead plants. Water must be filled every two weeks and nutrition must be switched out every two months. Let the herbs dance on the table while you’re on vacation.


Stay tuned.

Auk will soon be open for reservations.

Designed and manufactured in Norway