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What can I grow in Auk?

Almost everything that sprouts and grows!

The only limitation is basically how tall the plants become. Some plants grow very tall, so you might have to trim them a lot to keep them from taking over your kitchen. You can also buy extra long sticks to lift the LED light higher up, and thus fit larger plants.

You can choose from our own Auk-seeds (available here on our webshop - we’ll keep adding new seeds as we go), or use your own seeds or cuttings. Auk welcomes any seed!

What do I have to do to take care of the plants?

You need to refill the water tank every two weeks and refill nutrition about every two months. The water tank is transparent so you can easily see how much water is left.

Auk will let you know by flashing a red lamp (with the nutrient capsule symbol) when you need to refill the nutrients.

Besides that, you'll need to harvest! You get the best result by harvesting little by little, so new leaves continue to grow. This way, you'll always have access to fresh produce, all year round.

When can I harvest?

In Auk, the seeds sprout up to 5 times faster than in traditional gardening, and most herbs and salads are ready for harvesting after 4-6 weeks.

How fast they grow is very dependent on the temperature – the warmer the better, but try to keep it below 28 degrees (some plants can’t stand the heat).

With most plants, you can harvest for many months in a row, and some can even live for several years! The best thing for the plants is to harvest little by little, so new leaves continue to grow out.

Learn more about growing, harvesting, and taking care of your plants on

Is the plant light strong enough?

We built our own custom LED plant light. LEDs are much more efficient than traditional high-wattage HPS and MH lamps, which allows us to pack many more LEDs on a small surface area. Even though the plant light looks small, the light is more than strong enough to give your plants fast growth and high yields. It also replicates sunrise and sunset, so you can use it in your bedroom as a wakeup-light!

Why does Auk use coconut soil?

We use coconut soil (also called “coco coir”) as it is an environmentally friendly product, made of grounded fibers of the husks of coconuts. This is usually leftover material from traditional coconut production that would otherwise go to waste.

Our coco coir is very porous and gives a lot of oxygen to the roots, which again helps them grow faster. Oxygen is very important for fast-growing, happy plants.

Second, coco coir is very effective at retaining water. This is important because it means that your plants will not need to be watered as often.

The coco coir is also very clean: it’s free from nutrients and free from bugs, so Auk has full control over how many nutrients are in the system.

How much power does Auk use?

The energy consumption of the Auk device is about 100Wh a day based on standard usage. As Auk's light is using LED over traditional high-wattage HPS (High-pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps, this means that by comparison, the average lightbulb uses up to 4 times as much power as an Auk!

What does the nutrition contain?

The nutrition (i.e. plant food) is a combination of the 14 basic elements that plants need to grow. The nutrients themselves are made from refined minerals, that are mixed in just the right ratios. They're clean and free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Auk has 3 nutrient capsules that contain different combinations of the 14 elements. The nutrients in the different capsules are then mixed together based on what you grow and how far in the growth cycle the plants have come.

Optimal plant food, for optimal growth.

What's the plant chip?

The plant chip is a small NFC chip that contains information about what conditions (light, water, and nutrients) the plants need. The chips basically tell Auk what kind of plants you're growing, and what conditions they need.

At the moment, we have two different plant tags:

  • Green plant chip for Herbs & Salads
  • Red plant chip for Tomato & Chilies

The Start Kit includes the green plant chip, which let you grow all kinds of herbs and salads. The red plant chip is included in the “Chili & Tomato Pack”, or available separately in our store.

The plant chips can be used over and over again forever. 

Will larger plants thrive in the pots?

Surprisingly, yes! The main reason plants grown elsewhere need large pots is due to the low density of nutrients in traditional soil. In Auk, your plants are continuously monitored and watered, with Auk following the plant's growth, making sure it always has enough nutrients both when it's a small seed and a large plant.

This means that even in a small pot you can get large plants, since as long as your plants get enough food and light they will keep growing!

How is my pre-order shipped?

Note: Currently, there is a very high demand. We are working hard to keep up, and expect to be able to send your Auk within 9-12 working days. Delivery will then take 3-5 days. We apologize for the increased delivery time.

Your pre-order will ship with DHL GoGreen ground shipping, directly to your front door or closest pick-up point.

When your order ships, you'll get an SMS and email from DHL, informing you when and how the package will be delivered.

All products are shipped from our factory in Poland. VAT, duties, shipping, and handling fees are included in your order - you won't be asked to pay anything after you've ordered.

Returns and warranty

You can try out Auk for 60 days after receiving your pre-order - that way you get a chance to taste your first herbs. If you don’t like the taste (or for any reason are not satisfied with Auk), you can return it and get your money back. No questions asked.

You can choose how you want to return it, but we do need you to pack it in the original packaging you received it in.

Auk also comes with a warranty protecting you from any manufacturing errors. See our terms and conditions for more details.

We’re always available at to help you with any questions.

Dimensions & tech specs

Length 56 cm
Width 29 cm
Height 35 cm (50 cm with the long plant light rods)
Power Supply 1,8m cable (extension cable will be available in the store)
General Info
Weight Around 3kg
Water tank 3.8 liters, refilled every second week
Light Custom LED with 3 different color spectrums
Power Supply 24W
Power Consumption Around 100Wh per day
Baseplate & pots Biocomposite plastic
Plant light Aluminum
Plant light rods Pine or walnut

More questions? Get help from the support team

We'll help you both before and after your purchase. Visit our support pages for more info.

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Auk is a nice thing to have in the kitchen

Auk is a nice thing to have in the kitchen, it makes me make Napolitan pizza more often as the basil and rocket grow very fast

Auk Auk Start Kit Review
Jens JB.

Setup and start was very good

Setup and start was very good, had some problems with watering, but we quickly got help to solve that. Now we are just waiting for the results of round 2

Auk Auk Start Kit Review
Ole B.

Very happy with the product

Very happy with the product, exciting for the children to join the planting and follow the development day by day. Not least a great system for someone who often forgets to water themselves.

Auk Auk Start Kit Review
Richard M.

Easy to assemble and start up

Easy to assemble and start up. Seeds began to germinate after a short week. The only thing you need to think about is that there is water in the container, or most of it goes by itself. Recommended!

Auk Auk Start Kit Review
Siri L.

Very satisfied

Very satisfied. Has a couple of other small self-watering systems with growth light and Auk provides better and more stable growth. So happy that I am now selling one and buying an extra Auk

Auk Auk Start Kit Review